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The Best Beach for Photos on St. Thomas

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Now that you have decided to do a photo session with Crown Images, your first question will be: “Where is the best beach for photos on St. Thomas?” If you are anything like me, you will want to know all your options to help you find the perfect fit.

Here are my 4 favorite beaches for photos on St. Thomas:


Sapphire Beach

I always recommend Sapphire Beach if you would like something more than just the beach for photos. The above 2 photos show the palm tree area (my personal favorite) and Pretty Klip Point. The point has a rocky area (see photo under this text) and a beautiful view of St. John in the background.


The lower photo is on Sapphire Beach. The beach itself is okay, not my favorite beach, because it can get really busy with resort and cruise ship people. This location is perfect if you are looking for multiple backdrop options. Sapphire is on the east side of the island, so it can have seaweed during the summer months.


Magens Bay Beach

Magens Bay Beach is located on the north side of the island and is the largest beach on the island. I normally go to the left side of the beach for privacy (you can see the entire beach from the left in the photo under this text). This location is awesome if you are going to spend the day at the beach after photos, they rent chairs and have a beach bar. Magens does charge a small entrance fee.

The next 3 photos are all at Magens Bay Beach.


Lindquist Beach

I think Lindquist Beach is the prettiest beach on St. Thomas. It has the clearest water and the whitest sand. This beach is located on the east side of the island, it is a small beach, and photographs well any time of day. The next 2 photos are at Lindquist beach, the first one is in the morning and the second is in the evening (see how different the lighting is?) This beach is normally windy (something to consider for your hair in photos) and does get seaweed during the summer months. This beach has a small entrance fee.


Brewers Beach

The next 3 photos are at Brewers Beach. This beach always feels empty to me and I don’t go here often but I do like the location for photos. It has a nice view of the mountain, a grassy area, and old stone ruins if you would like more options than just the beach for photos. This beach is close to Crown Bay if you are on a ship and dock there for the day.

old ruins st thomas brewers beach.jpg

Need more options?

The next 2 beaches are a little more specific.

Frenchman’s Cove Beach

If you are staying at the Marriott their beach is called The Cove and totally works for photos if you feel like walking barefoot from your room down to the beach. It’s small, has a dock, a rocky area, and a nice view of St. Thomas in the background.

marriott cove beach st thomas.jpg

Secret Harbour Beach

Secret Harbour is a small beach with a great little hotel on it. If you are staying at this hotel, do your photos here. The other reason to do your photos at Secret Harbour Beach is if you want to go to dinner afterwards (there is a foot-shower, so you can walk from the beach to the restaurant.) I always recommend this to anyone about to propose. It does face west, if you love a sunset this is your beach. Since it does face west normally in the evening there isn’t much color in the ocean (the next 2 photos are just prior to sunset at Secret Harbour Beach.)

secret harbour beach
secret harbour beach for photos

The island isn’t that big, so on the norm it takes about 20 to 30 minutest to get to any of the beaches.

I hope this helps you pick the perfect beach for your upcoming photo session on St. Thomas. As you can see you just can’t go wrong, all the beaches here on the island are just perfect for pictures.

Please send me an email and let me know which beach you would like to meet at for photos.

Best Locations for a St. Thomas Wedding 2019

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The U.S. Virgin Islands has so many locations that are perfect for a destination wedding. If you are planning to get married on Saint Thomas in 2019 here are a few of the top venues to consider having your ceremony.


Beach Weddings

Brewers Bay Beach was my favorite beach for the year of 2018. I fell in love with Brewers Beach for its open tranquil feeling: I like the large layout of this location with the mountains in the background. It has a beautiful tree line and old stone ruins that are picturesque.

Magens Bay Beach is the most popular beach on St. Thomas. It is also the largest, so you can normally find an area that works for your wedding without too many folks around. This location does require a permit for a wedding and an entrance fee.

Sapphire Beach is lovely not only for the beach area, but it has a long peninsula called Pretty Klip Point with one of the most epic backdrops. This beach was extremely crowded the last time I was here mid-day when there were a lot of cruise ships in port. It was easy to work around people but might be difficult if you have a large wedding setup midday.

Lindquist Beach is one of the prettiest beaches on St. Thomas. It's located on the east side of the island and has some of the clearest water and powdery white soft sand that you will ever see. This beach also requires a permit and an entrance fee.


Resort Weddings

Secret Harbour Beach Resort has one of the perfect locations on the island for a wedding. The resort is set RIGHT ON THE BEACH, it's so close you don't need shoes. It also has the Sunset Grill Restaurant right there for your reception. Everything about this location is stress-free and relaxing, which is exactly what a beach wedding should be.

Bolongo Bay Beach Resort and Emerald Beach Resort are both open and offering in-house wedding services.

Villa Weddings

There are so many amazing villas and private houses listed on AIRBNB that offer the option to have a wedding on property. Some of the most popular locations are:

Villa Serenita

Sand Dollar Estate

Villa del Mar

Infinity Estate

Sea Star Villa

One Beach Road Villa

Caribbean Castaway Villa

The Beach H

Unique Venues

Villa Botanica is a unique venue located on Crown Mountain in a historic plantation estate with some of the most beautiful tropical gardens you will ever see. I believe that it can host some of the largest groups for a wedding reception on the island.

Churches, we have some beautiful historical churches, like St. Peter and Paul Cathedral, and the Hebrew Congregation of St. Thomas.

Boats—who doesn’t love being on the water or sailing into the sunset? There are so many charter boat options here for all budgets and occasions from a luxury motor yacht to an old fashioned sailboat you should definitely get out on our beautiful Virgin Islands waters. There are boats large enough to host your entire group for the wedding and reception or a welcome party or something smaller and more romantic for just the two of you.

I'm sure there are a ton of other venues that are perfect for an island wedding on Saint Thomas that I haven't listed. I’m also positive no matter where you have your destination wedding that it will be amazing and magical. Please feel free to comment below where you are planning your wedding.


Saint Thomas: Brewer's Bay Beach and Old Stone Ruins

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I would say one of the most popular questions I get for photography on St. Thomas in the U.S. Virgin Islands is, where should we meet for photos? There are so many amazing options for the perfect backdrop on St. Thomas this isn't always the easiest question to answer. I recently had the pleasure of photographing Noah's senior photos on Brewer's Bay Beach.

Brewer's Bay Beach is right next to University of the Virgin Islands campus and just past the airport. Normally it's not very crowded and there are food trucks parked close by, with plenty of parking right on the street.


For some reason I've not been to Brewer's that much while I've lived and photographed on St. Thomas. I really fell in love with it during this morning photo session. I love seeing the mountain in the background and the clarity of the water. We found lots of great spots for different backdrops.


I really loved that we mostly had the beach to ourselves and that it had a little bit more then just the beach for photos. It has the remains of an old stone ruin right next to the beach. I thought the ruins were perfect for something a little unique and complementing with the beach portrait.


In the photo above you can see the runway at the airport on the left side of the horizon.

I can easily recommend Brewer's Bay Beach for any photo session on St. Thomas--it is truly picture perfect.