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5 Ways to Propose in the Virgin Islands!

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Did you know it’s engagement season? Well, it is. It starts around Thanksgiving and lasts until about Valentine’s Day. I love engagement photos almost as much as I love wedding photos!!!

St. Thomas is the perfect location for engagement photos and better still the perfect place for a marriage proposal. I absolutely am in love with a surprise beach proposal while vacationing in the Caribbean.


Now, if you’re thinking about “popping” the question on your next trip to the Virgin Islands, I have a few tips on how to go about asking. Really, it takes just a little planning and it is easier then you think.

First—email a professional photographer, you will want to capture this special moment and share it with everyone.

Second—decide how much of a surprise you would like it to be. Will you be able to tell her about the photo shoot without her getting suspicious?  I’ve had some guys arrange a couple’s photo session and she still has no idea or they plan a family photo session and it becomes a surprise proposal. If you don’t want to tell her about the photos, then you will have to find a way to get her dressed for the occasion and to the beach.


Next—how to get her to the beach and keep it a secret. If you decide that you aren’t going to tell her about the shoot for the proposal here are my suggestions on getting the best photos for your surprise proposal:

1.     Make plans to visit the beach for a sunset walk on your way to your dinner reservations. This way you are both dressed for the occasion and it will sound natural and romantic.

2.     If you are traveling with your family or a group, arranging a family photo session is an awesome distraction and way to sneak it all in.

3.     Keeping things really simple and just plan a romantic picnic evening to watch the sunset together at the beach. Your photographer should be hiding out close by to capture you asking the big question. There are a lot of amazing locations on St. Thomas to pick from.

4.     I had one couple that planned their own photo shoot with a selfie-stick. They got dressed to take photos of themselves and I was there to get it all… it totally worked.


Now, that you have a location and a plan to get her to the beach, how are you going to go about asking her the big question? I believe life is best when you keep things simple, so I recommend simply getting down on one knee. The trick will be to get her facing the camera she doesn’t know about. This is pretty easy if you are walking in the direction of the photographer. You can also stop and look out at the ocean together… then you can take one step back from the water, get down on one knee and she will turn from the water towards you and your sparkly ring, aaannnndddddd the camera. Boom!!!! Easy, magical, and a moment you will forever cherish & remember.


If you feel like getting a little creative for your Virgin Islands beach proposal, here are a few ideas I’ve seen work well:

  1. Write in the sand “WILL YOU MARRY ME?” This can be written right in the sand or with sea glass or with rose petals.

  2. A wedding planner can design a little magical spot, maybe with a heart shaped of rose petals and an area with pillows and candles.

  3. A florist can design a large heart shaped out of rose petals.

  4. I’ve even seen a bottle with a note or a little treasure chest with a note placed along the beach work.

If you have a creative idea for a surprise beach proposal I would love to hear it.


The best part about doing a surprise proposal on a St. Thomas beach is that it instantly turns into your first engagement session.  Send me an email and we will get started on planning your perfect surprise proposal.