St. Thomas Wedding Photography



I am SO excited that you are planning a trip to the U.S.V.I. I can’t wait to share my love of photography and the islands with you. Please think of this page as an introduction to get our conversation started.



My Style

My style is a combination of documentary and fine art photography.

I approach each wedding with a natural shooting style to allow your wedding day to unfold organically, so that the photos feel personal to you. I will document all the events as they happen--capturing your emotions and joyful moments. I will artfully photograph your wedding details and relaxed poses within the natural beautify of the island.


Your Experience

I believe that your wedding photography is one of the most important parts of your wedding, but really don’t want you to worry about it or take away from your experience during your day. I try to find the balance between being unobtrusive to get all those in between moments and details, and at the same time help give enough direction to keep things moving. I may not have the best jokes, but I will work hard to ensure that you are having fun and feeling relaxed while I’m your photographer.



{please excuse me while I sound like a robot reading the fine print}

The process is simple: send me an email and let me know what you have in mind to keep our conversation moving, we will go over your details, I will send you my price guide with more information, when you are ready request the link to my contract/deposit form. About a month prior to your wedding we will go over all details, make a photo timeline, you can send me a Pinterest board, discuss concerns, and complete the invoice. The day of your wedding I will show up early and photograph everything I can (this is my favorite part and what I live for!) A few days after the wedding you will receive a sneak peek on my social media feeds. Follow me here on Facebook and Instagram. About a month later I will email you a link to your wedding gallery with a password to download your wedding photos. Throughout the entire planning process I’m here to answer any questions.


My Goal

My goal is for you to love your photos after having the best day of your life! I strive to artfully create a set of photographs that are timeless-showing your love and the beauty of your day. I want you to trust me to capture those moments-even in the whirlwind-that you will want to look back and relive over and over.


The Look

This section is difficult for me because I understand life in a visual way but realize there are people that understand it with words (writing is not my ting) but I want you to understand why my photography is beautiful.

First, I think the U.S.V.I. is so, so, so pretty and my photos show its beauty as it really looks. Second, I have been photographing for longer then I haven’t, so I understand my camera/language/craft/art/job and have a lot of control over what I am doing. Third, my photos are bright, colorful, genuine, and show my love for the island and your relationship (I really love to be around people in love).

I am one of those people that’s lucky enough to have found “their calling” and yes, it is photographing weddings/people in the V.I.


Simply Fill Out My Contact Form

I Will Send Over My Pricing Guide With Additional Information About Your Wedding Photography Experience!