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Tips for Better Wedding Photos #3

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Be on time:

Make sure you allow enough time for everything, so that you don't feel rushed and can simply enjoy yourself. Most weddings in the Virgin Islands are planned at sunset and it's so important to be on time for your wedding to make sure you get to see the sun setting. Since the V.I. is so close to the equator our sunset is very fast and it will make for better photos if you're there to enjoy it.

Delegate Tasks:

Everyone at your wedding is there because they love you, so without a doubt they would be more then happy to lend a hand and help in anyway. This can be as simple as someone being in charge of champagne while everyone is getting ready or carry your lipstick for touch ups, just so you don’t have to think about it.

Embrace the unexpected:

It's so important the day of your wedding to not let the little things bother you, like the flowers being the wrong color. Keep an open mind and go with the flow, you've done all you can at this point, and it's important to enjoy your wedding day.

Have fun:

I can't think of another reason that couples diced to get married in the U.S. Virgin Islands other then they would like to have a fun wedding! There really isn't a more relaxed way to get married then being barefoot on the beach, so plan on having the wedding of your dreams!