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Choosing the best wedding photographer in the Virgin Islands

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picking the best wedding photographer in the virgin islands

Planning a destination wedding can be a lot of fun and at times a little overwhelming with all the options. The US Virgin Islands is one of the top locations for a destination wedding, which means there are a lot of amazing and talented wedding professionals to choose from. I personally believe that your wedding photography is one of the most important elements of your wedding experience. Here are some helpful tips on picking the best wedding photographer to capture your special day.


  1. Take the time to research your options for the right photographer. A lot of wedding planners and resorts include wedding photography in their packages and most times this means that you could have anyone photographing your wedding. It’s best to find a photographer that matches your style and will document your wedding as you envision it.
  2. Review the photographers portfolio as well as real wedding reviews. All photographers will not photograph a wedding the same way, so it’s important to review a full wedding to get a sense of how the photographer will approach covering your special day. Make sure the photographer captures all the important events, like your first kiss. It is also important that past clients have good things to say about their experiences with the photographer, so read real reviews.
  3. Create a budget for wedding photography. It is important to hire the right photographer in your budget. Make sure you understand what is included in the photographer’s packages and rates. In the USVI most professional photographers’ hourly rates start around $600.
  4. Personality of the photographer. This might seem like a strange recommendation, but it is so important that you like your wedding photographer. A wedding photographer will spend every moment with you during your wedding day, shadowing your every move, so it’s important to feel comfortable around this person so the photos look natural and relaxed.
  5. Confirm your photographer. Make sure that you are not hiring a staff photographer and that you know exactly who will be shooting your wedding.
  6. The Timeline. Your wedding planner will have a timeline that you can go over with your photographer. Have your photographer review the timeline to avoid feeling frustrated or rushed during the day with photos. A professional photographer will know how long they need to cover each wedding event and will also help keep everyone on time. This is important for timing the sunset correctly and so you don’t have to pay other vendors to stay longer because things went over the allotted time.
  7. Trust and Let Go! It’s so important to enjoy your day and trust that you have hired the best person to photograph your day so you can relax and look fabulous in your photos. It is best to understand that things might go wrong (like the flowers could be the wrong color or the limo driver might be running late) and it’s best to not let these little things ruin your day.
  8. Have FUN!!!!! Once you’ve done all your homework and your wedding day arrives remember to relax and enjoy your wedding day. It will be one of the best day’s of your life!!!