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St. Thomas Engagement Session

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St. Thomas Engagement Session

I love capturing tender moments between newly betrothed couples. Devin and Rupal who are recently engaged, came to St. Thomas on a vacation that they would never forget. They contacted me to set up an engagement shoot and I quickly suggested we shoot at one of my favorite spots, Limetree Beach. I feel like I live there, but I love it! I can't get enough of this westward-facing beach on the south side of St. Thomas.

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I do weddings, proposals, engagements, and family photoshoots at Limetree Beach. I've also recently done a beach modeling shoot here. It's the perfect beach for all your needs because even when there are people there, you feel like you're alone. This beach also has everything you could ask for with St. Thomas beach photography: rocks, water, perfect waves, grass, palm trees, and there's even a giant chess board!

Devin and Rupal came from Chicago to take a break from all of their planning for their huge Indian wedding so they could relax on the beach for a few days. They're a beautiful couple and they radiate love for one another. This shoot was so fun because of their personalities and the excitement they had during the session.

People always ask me what they should wear during their photography shoots. I always tell them to wear something that makes them feel comfortable and beautiful. You really can’t go wrong. Rupal didn't need my guidance as she showed up in this beautiful flowy pink and white dress which perfectly contrasted with the tans, greens and blues of the natural scenery. She had her fiancé in an outfit which would simply accent her dress. He was in gray pants and a white shirt and they looked perfect together.

Throughout the post, you'll find some of my favorite pictures from their session. Enjoy!