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St. John Wedding Photography

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The US Virgin Islands—St. Thomas and St. John, specifically—are perfect for destination weddings. There are many places on both islands to tie the knot. Rosanna and Josh decided to do so at Trunk Bay, one of the top beaches in the world, located on St. John.

They couldn’t have asked for a better day. It started out with Grapevine Salon coming to Stone Post Cottage to do Rosanna’s hair and makeup. Josh was blindfolded the whole time waiting for his beautiful wife-to-be to get dolled up for their nuptials.

This beautiful couple was so in tune to one another. They were perfect for one another and it showed throughout the day. One example was when they exchanged gifts prior to the wedding, both gifts included the GPS coordinates of the US Virgin Island Wedding; they had not planned that! 

After the hair and makeup at the cottage, we met their officiant, Stuart Scott at Trunk Bay to exchange their vows. After the short ceremony, we went to the Annaberg Ruins for cake, champagne, and some amazing pictures! 

We did a small photo tour of the island, since it was important to Rosanna for the beauty of the islands to come out in her photos. We went to the Trunk Bay Overlook, with an amazing view of Trunk Bay and the surrounding British and US Virgin Islands.

Rosanna and Josh spent months planning a large event for them and their closest family members before dropping everything and deciding to elope. I commend them for making this tough decision. With destination elopements, you tend to be much less stressed for a couple of reasons. 

1.    There are less people to please- When you’re planning a wedding for everyone to attend, you have them to think about. When you elope by yourself with your significant other, you only have to worry about the two of you.

2.    There are less vendors to keep in contact with- Generally, you’ll only need an officiant, a photographer, and possibly a coordinator. For larger weddings, you have florists, musicians, DJs, etc., and the list goes on! 

3.    It’s less expensive- The average 50 person wedding in the US Virgin Islands costs around $10,000-15,000. The average elopement can be $1,500-3,000. 

This couple made an amazing decision to elope to paradise and the day couldn’t have been more picture-perfect. I look forward to keeping in touch with Rosanna and Josh as they start their lives together.

Wedding Team:

Villa: Stone Post Cottage  Beauty: Grapevine Salon  Officiant: Stuart Scott  Planner:   Photography: Crown Images