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Every year since 2013, I've had the pleasure of photographing this amazing family of five. Mr. and Mrs. Whaley and their two boys and little girl are such a photogenic family. They come down once a year to their timeshare at The Marriott. This family is so sweet and fun to photograph. It's incredible that I get to watch this family grow up into awesome humans. 

The Whaleys come down to St. Thomas each year on their wedding anniversary. I love helping them capture the memories they're creating every year on St. Thomas.

Check out this fabulous family and some of my favorite shots from over the years. I can't believe how young the boys where at our first photo shoot.

As a St. Thomas family photographer, I get to take photos for lots of families each year. Most of the families I photograph are only here once. While it's a great experience to be able to capture different families from all over the world, it's rare that I get to see them after the initial session. I find it special to be able to take photos of the Whaleys each year and to see their growth. 


In the past years, we've taken photos at Lindquist Beach and Frenchman's Reef and this year at The Frenchman's Cove. Each year is just as fun as the last and I love how cute everyone always looks for pictures.


I can't wait to see these guys next year! I hope to be capturing their life events for years to come!