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Saint John Beaches Post Hurricane Irma

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It has been about 3 months since the storms and I hadn't been over to St. John yet. So, last week I headed over to check things out, I really wanted to see how the beaches had changed and how the progress of cleaning up was going. 


I took the North Shore Road all the way out to start with the Annaberg Ruins. The ruins had very little damage, not suprising since they are so old, and looked as beautiful as ever. 


Next up was Maho Beach. There was a lot of work happening at Maho for clean up. The kissing trees that everyone loves are gone but the bay looked pretty.


Cinnamon Bay Beach area had a lot of damage, the old building right on the water was a pile of debris, yet the beach looked stunning and the water looked inviting. There were a few sunbathers at the beach.


It was extra special to run into a few wild donkeys on the road, such a St. John must see. 


Trunk Bay Beach had some damage and the photo above is my attempt at making it look bad... it's just so darn pretty that it doesn't have a bad side even after 2 cat 5 hurricane storms. Hands down Trunk Beach is still stunning.


Hawksnest Bay Beach had the most people on it, kina made it feel a little more normal. It really didn't look that bad overall. You can see that Gibney Beach lost a bunch of palms in the background. The water feels like it's higher on most of the shoreline overall and I noticed it a lot more at this beach.


The overlook from Cruz Bay (above) was stunning. Looks like the harbor and water has really been cleaned up. Ran out of time and didn't make it into town but Mongoose Junction seemed fully open and happening. 

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As always it was a nice day on Love City!!!!

Here is the link to check out Saint Thomas's Beach update.