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St. Thomas Marriage Proposal: Ritz Carlton

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‘Tis the season for surprise proposals! I get several surprise proposal photography shoots per year. They’re always so fun. Adam contacted me a little while ago to book a session for his surprise proposal. He and his now fiancé, Kristina, were staying at The Ritz Carlton, St. Thomas. That’s where he planned to pop the question. 

Adam and I decided that the best light would be just before sunset, so that’s what we did. Check out some of my favorite photos from this St. Thomas Photography Session! 

I always wonder how the person who is doing the proposing gets their significant other to make the trek to where they’re going to ask. Adam didn’t have any trouble getting Kristina to the proposal area. She had no idea! 

It’s one of my favorite photographs—to capture the face that the surprised party makes when they’re being asked to get married. Kristina’s face was extra adorable. She was so excited and immediately said yes! You could tell that she was completely surprised.

We then moved on to take photos around the property. There are many beautiful photogenic places on The Ritz property, but I especially love the rocks. 

In between photos, Kristina couldn’t take her eyes off that ring! I don’t blame her, it’s quite beautiful.